10 most Common misleads of autocad

10 most common misleads of autocad

Here are some of the  10 common misleads of autocad:

1. Drawing All Objects on Layer 0 It is still often I encountered, though it is already a layer use the obligatory and common. Imagine if you find the picture is quite complex, and all drawn on Layer 0! Moreover, if all still bylayer ... all the lines appear white. Only possible linestyle are altered. It is very difficult for us to know the line for what. It is also hard for us to see all objects, because we could not get on / off or freeze layers that we do not need! Even to divide layerpun we will spend a lot of time.

2. Esc ... ... Esc Esc Esc ... ... !!! Button [esc] is a favorite button for AutoCAD users.Actually reasonable, because the hierarchy of command in AutoCAD, making us often have to press [esc]. Often several times until all of the command is canceled. Often I see, AutoCAD users pressing [esc] to tens of times without seeing whether with 2x alone actually had enough. There is nothing wrong in fact, if you are indeed going beyond using AutoCAD. But this bad habit would be frustrating if you learn other software. Several times I have seen, AutoCAD users must repeat the sequence command in Inventor or Revit while training. Garanya, he felt what was done wrong, and his hand reflexively seek [esc]! One again, pressing [space] or [enter] when the enable command with a shortcut. Both of these buttons are often pressed when activating the command by typing in the command line. Finally I see anyone try to enable line when mensketch in Inventor, by pressing [l] and [space] ... AutoCAD has the use of a unique command. Setau I no longer have a way such that it is in other CAD programs (except AutoCAD AutoCAD-late who claimed to look n feel is the same as AutoCAD). Probably because already 'bangkotan' than other software younger.Another application is more 'Windows Compliant' than AutoCAD. There is no harm begin to open your mind to adjust to the work processes of other applications.

3. Using the Save as Template Template Instead of not only accelerate when we create a new image. Templates also maintain standard that we set. In addition, also keeping the file remains efficient. Cons of the use of the template is to open a file that already exists, and it is considered appropriate standard, then save as, and deleted objects unnecessary. I've never pillowcase that in this way often results in corrupted files.

4. Not Using Block Block is an excellent tool for classifying objects. One group can represent a more complex objects. In addition to the current modifications allow selection of objects such as move, copy, and so on, edit an entire block will be represented on the same block. Even further, we can make a report related to the object block, such as creating a bill of quantity or BOM. Imagine if we accept images that did not use the block. In addition to selecting the object makes it difficult, if there is a change would also be very time consuming because they have to change them one by one.

5. Not Using Standard Imagine if you receive multiple images of a single company. But images of one another seem not the same. Not standard. Surely it would look bad for the company. It is the image of the company, or 'diasongin' to an individual?Furthermore, the use of standards will also facilitate teamwork. Even with other companies.

6. Make Objects Stacked I do not know how it works, but I often receive overlapping object images. When I modify, such as erase or trim, really there are still other objects ... Although as mentioned Uda Af we can use overkill, but it will still take some time.And if we are not aware of the existence of other objects, it can be annoying when snap, until an error while performing the data extraction.

7. Editing Text Dimension I've also received a picture that turns dimensions textnya edited. This is provided in order to be more flexible when creating dimensions. But unfortunately there are some who use it when the picture is not precise. Rather than fix the picture, he edits the dimension text to appear precision! 8. scaled an object and Using Dimension Scale Factor How do you print your picture? From the model or layout / paperspace? If the image is more complex, you can optimize the layout so no need to draw many times to display one area. You can set the viewport, including if it shows detailed images. Which makes more dizzy, if there is a picture in modelspace different scale. Drawing in scale, and created a different style. Then for the dimensions used in order to measure true scale factor. I think it is confusing and ineffective. Especially if one modelspace contains dozens of pages of images ... whew ... More neat if we look at the layout in the form of TAB. We can provide a description of the TAB to be more comfortable looking picture. And of course, using the layout we can use sheetsets easily.

9. Do not use eTransmit eTransmit is a 'tool must' when you send the file. One of the benefits, if you are using a XREF, all files will be carried over without worrying there were scattered. But not only that, if you use a text which is not standard, and even then the file will be brought. Including if you are using the image map for rendering.Quite frustrating if you receive a file that uses a XREF or other file but the file does not exist. Or if there is, the folder structure silly, so it must be linked back one by one.Make it a habit to use when you send a file!

10. Not Set UNITS Although seem trivial, set UNITS is important in drawing. If you have to get used to using templates, ISO has had UNITS mm. This is important because this is how AutoCAD manage existing files. If you menginsert block in units of inches, then AutoCAD will automatically adjust proportionally scaled. Otherwise, after the site inserted, you still need to adjust its size. DWG has become the standard for many CAD applications. More sophisticated applications have generally been able to menginsert or open DWG files. However, if the unit is not known properly, so the homework for the received file to examine it first. Conclusion In using AutoCAD, we not only think to finish drawing as soon as possible. But the picture it should be easily revised. And also easy to understand others. Because we often do not work alone. The file must be seen also by others. Try to implement a good system so that our work can proceed smoothly.
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